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Accredited Foundation Course

This is a professional foundation course that consists of two parts: Feng shui Course 1 and Feng shui Course 2. The course offers complete and comprehensive knowledge of all the basic principles of traditional Chinese Feng Shui. It is designed by Master Alan Stirling, owner and tutor at the “International Feng Shui School of Excellence”. Master Alan Stirling will be teaching for the first time in Greece and all the material covered will be same as that taught in his highly reputable school in the UK.
This Feng Shui course is most suitable for:

  • Those with little or no knowledge of Feng Shui, Feng Shui enthusiasts and anyone who wishes to improve their quality of life.
  • Those who would like to change to a more rewarding career as a Feng Shui Consultant or those who would like to include Feng Shui into their existing alternative practice.
  • Life Coaches
  • Estate agents, property developers, and town planners.
  • Architects and Commercial/residential interior designers.
  • Landscape gardeners.
  • Healers and holistic therapists, including nutritional and colour therapists, acupuncturists and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


FENG SHUI COURSE 1 : Read more…

FENG SHUI COURSE 2 : Read more…


Attendance of both Feng Shui Course 1 and Feng Shui Course 2 will allow you to pursue at will any advanced level of feng shui.


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