The Five Elements in Feng Shui

All of the traditional cures have to do with the Five elements and all Feng Shui masters would use color, shape, sound, natural materials and of course, water.

The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. In relation with Yin and Yang, they form the basis of the I Ching oracle, Chinese astrology, traditional Chinese medicine and the art of Feng Shui.

These five elements are used to represent the nature of the five forms of energy. They are known as Wu Xing or the Five Stages of Transformation and they describe this exact flow and change of energy. Energy cannot be created from nothing but it can be turned into a different type of energy.

 The following are a brief description of the five elements and what they represent:

Wood energy represents growth and Spring time. Wood energy is expansive and its colors are green and light blue. The shapes are tall and narrow.

Fire represents heat, light and summer. Fire energy is very ‘yang’ and its movement is upward. The colors of the fire element are red, purple, pink and peach, and its shape is triangular.

The Earth element symbolizes stability, gravity and good foundations. Its movement is rotational. Earth colors are yellow, beige, terracotta and brown. Its shapes are wide and short.

The metal element is cold, restrictive and sharp. It has to do with autumn and its shape is circular or dome-like.  All of its colors are metallic; silver, gold, brass, 
white or gray.

Water is the source of all life on Earth. Water energy is ‘Ying’, deep, silent and cold, it represents wintertime.  Its movement is downward and its colors are dark 
blue and black. Its shapes are wavy.

The above are only some of the characteristics of the five elements where literally everything belongs to one of them; from shapes to colors, materials to character traits. In some cases these elements are in harmony with themselves, in others they are in conflict. To balance our environment, we need to harmonize the elements around us.
That is why the Five elements are considered the basic tool in Feng Shui.


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