Applications for Businesses

A Feng Shui consultation of your workplace may help to create a harmonious, healthy environment, good health for your co-workers or employees, and prosperity for your business. We provide a complete study and feedback for all types of businesses, from the well - established ones to the one starting from scratch.
A detailed, written report is provided.

All the advice and cures suggested are practical and crystal clear. They often involve changes in shapes and colours, re-arranging of the furniture, suggesting location of doorways, windows, other objects or the exact placement of plants or water features. Your participation may be necessary if you want to ensure that all the changes are to your liking.

By applying the Four Pillars of Destiny method, will ensure that personnel will be located in the best setting based on their personality, potential and opportunities offered in order to better succeed a business’s or company’s goal. This method of analysis will also provide us with information for putting together people that will work more efficiently for achieving best results.  

All these adaptations have a very strong influence and the dynamic changes incurred are often dramatic.

Before we visit your premises, it is important that we are aware of the dates of birth of the basic staff so that their Chinese astrology charts are drawn up.
Information about the date of construction as well as any major changes or refurbishments is also necessary.


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