How a Feng Shui Consultation works

A Feng Shui consultation delivers results by analyzing your home’s energy in relation to your personal energy, in order to ascertain whether your immediate environment supports your aims and ambitions. If it does not, then a Feng Shui consultation can suggest simple and shrewd ‘cures’ with the aim of creating a specific atmosphere that will support you and your family, or the needs of your business and stuff. This will unload any existing stress and strengthen you with natural energy, helping you to improve all aspects of your life including your health, finances, relationships, creativity and your recognition by the people around you.
A professional Feng Shui consultation is very important in relation to its clarity and effectiveness and it can bring about dynamic changes that are immediate or longer term.
By using Feng Shui we can also tell if your choice of buying or moving to a new house or a new business is at your best interest or not, before you actually move or buy!

A Traditional Feng Shui consultant uses a Luo Pan (a complex Chinese compass) in connection to rules and techniques that have been tested for millennia.
The Feng Shui method used for the study of a building is known as ‘’Xuan Kong Feng Shui’’ or ‘’Flying Stars”. This is one of the most complex methods since it takes into account not only the orientation of the building but also the changed energy levels over the years, as well as the effects of these changes on the residents of the building. This is the preferred method of traditional Feng Shui masters and it includes the following steps:

-- 4 Pillars of Destiny, which have to do with Chinese Astrology

-- 9 Star Ki, also astrology related

-- Analysis of the surrounding space using the principles of the Form-School

-- Geographical orientation of the building

-- All the ‘interactions’ between the building and its residents, and most importantly the effect of time on the building and its residents

-- Advice on the most favorable directions for sleep, rest and work

-- Check up for Geopathic stress, otherwise known as “Sick Building Syndrome”


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