Home Consultation

We study the outer space of your home to see how much it is affected by your physical surroundings and if deemed necessary, a number of cures are proposed.
The Luo Pan compass is used to determine the orientation of the building and with the information you provide about the year of construction of the building, we can draw the energy map of the building.

Each and every room is examined in relation to the furniture arrangement, the colors used, the lighting and other general characteristics. Following this, we advise you about how and where you should apply the recommended cures, if it’s deemed necessary. If you are thinking of redecorating your space, you will be advised on the right type of decoration and use of colors.

Information on the best possible orientation regarding sleep, rest and work is also provided.

The explanation of the results of the consultation as well as the discussion and recommendations based on your Chinese astrology chart may take from a few hours to a whole day, depending on the size and complexity of the building, as well as the number of people who live or work in it.

  A detailed report of the consultation may be provided within a week.

For a Feng Shui consultation, the following information is necessary:
An architectural plan of the residence on A4. The efficacy of the consultation does 
depend on the accuracy of the plan.

In addition, we need the following information regarding the residence and everybody living in it:

      • Date of construction
      • Any structural changes made to the original building and when
      • Dates and time of birth of all the residents for the construction of their Chinese astrology-chart. 


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