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  • How to find your own personal Trigram or Ming Gua, your personal directions for Love, Relationships, Health, Wealth and Harmony. Balancing East and West group compatibility.
  • Introduction to the Eight Portents - Combining home and personal portents
  • Advanced Feng Shui cures - programming crystals, the correct use of mirrors and why, yin and yang lighting, plants, and water placement.
  • Reading architectural plans and making a floorplan
  • Chinese compass or Luo Pan this knowledge includes time and space feng shui and how your home is different from others.
  • Inner rings of the Luo Pan from the Heaven Pool, to the Luo Shu.
  • Auspicious portents for increased wealth, health relationships and harmony.
  • Chinese astrology clashes, combinations and compatibility between the Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly branches, or animals of the Chinese zodiac.
  • Twelve Stages and Timeliness.
  • The sixty year or sexagesimal cycle.
  • The Twenty Four Mountains ring.
  • Na Jia.
  • Advanced Eight Portents and their practical applications.
  • East and West group compatibility.
  • Your Ming Gua and its influence on auspicious and inauspicious directions, including favourable sleeping directions.
  • Nature’s calendar - the Twenty Four Seasons.
  • Date selection.

During this Feng Shui course you will be taught advanced techniques of Feng Shui. You will also be instructed how to apply basic principles of Chinese astrology within Feng Shui to deal with family energy and how to harmonize people with their homes.

Course Materials
We provide you with notes for the workshop as well as discussing the assignments of the Feng Shui Course 1.
All teaching will be done in English.
 An attendance certificate will be issued to students after completion of both Feng Shui Course 1  and Feng Shui Course 2.



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